The Malachi Mentoring Ministry is presently operating under Antioch Urban Ministries, Inc., specifically serving young men within the 5th Ward area. This area includes English Avenue, Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, and Hollowell Parkway. The program offers a rewarding path to effective and manageable service to children at risk.

The youth face challenges in West Atlanta and their situations are not getting any better, and in many cases, are getting worse. Gang violence, theft, and burglary have been a problem for these areas and more must be done to help give youth a positive alternative to the streets. The Malachi Mentoring Ministry is a place where boys can learn and grow together and receive positive reinforcement from their mentors. We are not only helping them to stay out of trouble, but we are also helping to shape their minds into critical thinking machines to help solve the complex problems of the future.

The youth are picked up directly from their homes and taken to their mentor at a job site where they are mentored for at least an hour and a half per week. The impact of the one-on-one relationship cannot be overemphasized. The youth are exposed to different people, places, and things that help to develop their minds and elevate their way of thinking in a positive way.

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If you have any other questions, suggestions or praise and encouragement, please direct them to Mr. Lester Duncan using one of the methods below.

Phone: 678-641-2051